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Feminist Review
A blog where writers review books, movies, magazine articles and the likes from a feminist perspective.

Gender Across Boarders
Gender Across Borders (GAB) is an international feminist community where issues of gender, race, sexuality, and class are discussed and critically examined

Religion Dispatches
An American online magazine Religion Dispatches is a daily online magazine dedicated to the analysis and understanding of religious forces in the world today, highlighting a diversity of progressive voices and aimed at broadening and advancing the public conversation

Muslimah Media Watch
‘Muslimah Media Watch is a forum where we, as Muslim women, can critique how our images appear in the media and popular culture. Although we are of different nationalities, sects, races, etc., we have something important in common: we’re tired of seeing ourselves portrayed by the media in ways that are one-dimensional and misleading. This is a space where, from a Muslim feminist perspective, we can speak up for ourselves.’

The Safercampus web page gives you information and advise on sexual assault and women’s physical safety. Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER) is an organization that fights sexual violence and rape culture by empowering student-led campaigns to reform college sexual assault policies. This web page is useful for campaign ideas on how to conduct sexual violence awareness and preventive measures.

Document the Silence
An American blog documenting violence against women of color. Rehendhi team strongly feels that something similar is needed in the Maldives.

Fatima Network
‘An online resource designed to represent all women’s issues at a regional and national level. FATIMA Women’s Network wants to bring about positive change in the lives of women and has a distinct focus on women from diverse communities and disadvantaged background.’

Muslimah Writers Alliance: Muslim Women Making History

‘Established in 2006, MWA’s mission is to inspire Muslim women to collaborate with one another for the common good of the Muslim Ummah, and to be of support to one another in fulfilling their aspirations to become established writers. Applying Islamic principles, boundless enthusiasm, experience, and resourcefulness to every project we embrace, MWA members are dedicated to one another’s success.’


The Stop Stoning and Killing Women Campaign
A campaign that grew out of different women’s movements in Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Sudan and Iran, the SSKWC campaign focuses on culturally-justified violence against women such as stoning, flogging
The campaign grew out of women’s struggles, in their own communities, to combat various manifestations of culturally-justified violence against women. The Campaign is now actively being waged by the women`s movements in countries such as Senegal, Nigeria, Sudan, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and is supported by numerous allies across the world

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) is a national legal aid and human rights organization, established in 1986. Initially focused on providing free legal services to the disenfranchised in Dhaka City, its aims and activities have developed over twenty years to encompass investigation, advocacy, media campaigning, documentation, training and action research in addition to its core activities of legal services (including legal aid, mediation and public interest litigation).

Muslim Womens League
‘The Muslim Women’s League is a non-profit Muslim American organization working to implement the values of Islam and thereby reclaim the status of women as free, equal and vital contributors to society’

Muslims for Progressive Values
‘Muslims for Progressive Values is guided by ten principles rooted in Islam, including social equality, separation of religion and state, freedom of speech, women’s rights, gay rights, and critical analysis and interpretation.’

Shirkat Gah
‘Shirkat Gah literally means a place of participation. It was formed as a non hierarchical collective in 1975 by a group of women with a shared perspective on women’s rights and development.
The organizations fundamental goal was to encourage women to play a full and equal role in society by promoting and protecting the social and economic development of women already participating in, or wanting to participate in, the national development.’

The Amana Media Initiative
The Amana Media Initiative is a combined effort of dedicated journalists, community leaders, academics, NGO workers and other professionals from across Asia. Amana publishes Amana NewsOnline and website, which cover key news events, positive initiatives and progressive Muslim thought for general readership.

Womens Islmaic Initiative on Spirituality and Equality
A women’s blog on Fiqh ilm and Shurah and Ijtihad.

The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice
The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice is an international women’s human rights organization advocating for gender-inclusive justice and working towards an effective and independent International Criminal Court (ICC).

Equality Now
‘Equality Now was founded in 1992 to work for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women around the world. Working with national human rights organizations and individual activists, Equality Now documents violence and discrimination against women and mobilizes international action to support their efforts to stop these human rights abuses.’

‘Karamah believes in the empowerment of Muslim women within their own spiritual and cultural contexts. In its judgment, only this approach will enable women to address and successfully eradicate the social ills in their communities. For this reason, Karamah is to develop a comprehensive, just, and thoughtful Islamic jurisprudence, which takes into account the current concerns of Muslim women worldwide. To this end, Karamah has rooted its work in the best of the classical Islamic jurisprudential tradition.’

Baobab for Women
BAOBAB For Women’s Human Rights women’s human rights organization, which focuses on women’s legal rights issues under the three systems of law customary, statutory and religious laws in Nigeria. This website has a lot of resources for women working for human rights under a Shariah based legal system.

‘The project was established in the aftermath of the murder of Heshu Yones, in a climate of growing awareness of ‘honour’ as an factor in women’s subordination. It was out of this awareness, and the understanding that ‘honour’-based violence, and oppression against women justified in the name of ‘honour’ are widespread, and not confined to any particular group, that the movement towards an international project, to inform journalists, academics and the general public and provide a platform for activists to discuss their methods, opinions and experiences, and to share their campaigns within a community.

Muslim Youth Movement: Gender Desk
‘Committed to the Islamic values of justice, freedom and equality, the MYM Gender Desk focuses on gender issues in order to transform society and affirm people’s humanity through education, campaigns and the empowerment of women.’

Lebanese Protection for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders
Helem leads a peaceful struggle for the liberation of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Lebanon from all sorts of legal, social and cultural discrimination.’

IMAAN: An LGBT Muslim support group
Imaan supports LGBT Muslim people, their families and friends, to address issues of sexual orientation within Islam.

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