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For writers

Call for Writers

Would you like to contribute to the Rehendhi blog? Rehendhi team is always looking for writers to contribute articles on women’s issues, gendered issues, women and disability, post colonialism, fundamentalism, sexuality, sexual health, exclusion politics and any other issue relevant for women’s status in society.

We accept cross postings of this blog with proper links. By submitting an article to this blog you will be agreeing to allow cross postings of your articles published in this blog.

How to submit

Please email us your articles to Attach pictures and links to videos separately and indicate in your article where you would like the insertions.

Length: Although there is no recommended word limit on submissions, very short (100 words) or very long (more than 3000 words) articles are discouraged.

Language: This blog is currently published in the English language. We will keep you posted on the availability of Dhivehi language options.

Style, pictures and videos: We encourage you to use your own style in writing for the blog. We prefer articles aimed at a wider audience rather than just at academics. Abridged versions of your thesis/dissertations or essays are most welcome. Book and movie reviews are also encouraged. We strongly recommend that you include pictures or videos in your posts.

Format: Submit your articles in any of the standard document formats (example: .doc, .docx, .odt )

Citations: Please cite your sources properly.

An editor will review your article and post it in 2-3 days.

Comments Policy

We welcome your two cents worth on the articles. However, offensive, intolerant, salacious and irrelevant comments will not be published.

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