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Women’s Day Celebrations at Artificial Beach

March 8, 2010

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2010 on 8th March. The event starts at 2000hrs till 0000hrs at Artificial Beach on 8th March 2010.


Free Artistic Expression – Theme: Equal rights, Equal opportunities:
Progress for all
Women are welcome to express their thoughts and
inner feelings etc. in their drawings.
-Women Artists will be
displaying their pieces
– Interactive groups: Two profes…sional
facilitators would conduct group sessions and Q & A for
participants. These activities will be coordinated with other
organizations doing relevant work.
-Parenting Skills with Living
Values for Women
-Religious Awareness on Women Rights and
-Career Guidance and other opportunities available for
-Feminist Introduction to Women’s Sexual Health
Reduction for Teenagers
-Familiarizing to Sign Language
– A Food
Corner for Socialization
– A Woman’s Talent corner for Entertainment

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  1. March 9, 2010 9:17 am

    I am not one of them who thinks like the fundamentalists. I believe women should have the same rights as men and must not be treated as sexual objects. To claim that Islam is the most modern of all religions on one hand and acting as the most backward is the kind of double standards that I cannot agree to. Luckily I never went to any religious schools and got brainwashed to the extent that i cannot think rationally.
    History has shown us that the worst enemies of any religion came among the so called believers of the same religion. I believe it is happenning within Isalm too. Different fundamentalists and extremists interpretations of Hadith and bringing out new fatwas. They act as if they have no place in heaven unless they can get all women under a full hijab and under lock and key like the Talibans of Afghanistan.
    I wish you can gather up enough force to make an impact and be able to protect your individual rights.
    With full support.

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